Perfect Stitch
   Machine Upgrade
Bulter Quilting Robot

The Perfect Stitch Regulator provides high-performance stitch regulation for long or mid arm quilting machines. It is compatible with many popular brands, including: A-1, ABM Innova, APQS, Gammill, Handi Quilter, Nolting, and more!
Stitching Modes
   Precision Mode    Manual Mode    Idle Mode    Baste Mode
Precision Mode uses our powerful stitch regulation, allowing consistent stitch length at any free motion speed or style.   Manual Mode returns your quilting machine back to an unregulated mode. While the needle will move up and down at a constant rate, you can still adjust the speed the needle moves.   Idle Mode is a mix of the Precision Mode and Manual Mode. The needle will move up and down at a constant speed, letting you work by hand on the finer details, and then moves into regulated mode when you move the machine on the frame.   Baste Mode is a stitch regulated mode between 1-3 inches. Perfect for basting a quilt top.
Additional Features
High Performance
   Built-in Lighting    Profile Settings    Needle Up/Down
 Tie-off Controls
With performance settings ranging from 1-22 stitches per inch, and speeds of up to 3,000 stitches per minute, Perfect Stitch performs beyond expectation.   Perfect Stitch floods your quilt area with light right from the handle bars. Up to 40 Watts of adjustable white lighting! Also includes black lighting for your fluorescent quilt projects.   Save your preferred machine settings, such handle bar buttons and SPI settings, to any of the 5 available machine profiles.   Control when to sew a single half stitch or full stitch, and perform a tie off stitch using a programmable number of stitches.