Quilting Manager
   Digitizing Software
Quilt Manager Digitizing Software

Quilt Manager is the best, most simple to use digitizing software you can find. It’s also the most affordable option to create and modify robotic quilt patterns. Crop pre-digitized patterns and use what you want in your project.
  • Built-in Shape Tools - quickly make perfectly proportioned circles, squares, rectangles, or stars
  • Preview Shape Stitching – watch a stitching simulation of your pattern
  • Create & Edit Pattern Boxes – isolate elements of your design
  • Grid Views – allow shapes and patterns to auto-align with gridlines
  • Show Stitching Jumps – shows where the stitching arm will “jump” and not stitch
  • Create Custom Shapes – multi-cornered, circular, square, polygons, stars, etc
  • Adjust & Manipulate Shapes – divide line paths, cut shapes, edit line points
  • Draw Freehand – custom draw, add to existing patterns
  • Join Path Points – connect an end point and start point of two different shapes
  • Set Colors – differentiate your shapes easily and quickly
  • Group/Ungroup Shapes – preserve spacing between several different shapes
  • Swap Start & Stop Points – eliminate wasted thread
  • Mirror Vertically & Horizontally – quickly invert the shapes positioning
  • Repeat Patterns – place similar shapes in several adjacent grid boxes
  • Set the Dimensions – set your preferred unit of measurement
  • Whatever you can imagine

Open/Save Digitized Patterns - Supported File Formats
    Machine    Export    Import  
  Bulter Robotics   DXF, QCC
   DXF, QCC, QLI  
  AutoCad   DXF    DXF  
  Quilt Magician   QCC    QCC  
  Shirley Stitcher   QCC    QCC  
  Statler Stitcher